Regarding domicile

Sir, I'm giving pmt from 2011 and each year i'm attending counselling for college alottment this year also i gave aipmt. I was not knowing about the domicile rule(a person can have just 1 domicile) i used to think that states where domicile rules of that particular state fit on me are the states where i can get seat. So i was giving pmt of 2 states for last three years and was even attending counseling with domicile in 2 states but last year only i came to know about it and found that students admitted by such dispute are banned from college(even the student like me who have attended cnsling in previous years with 2 or more domicile). One more thing i was truly domicile of both state. this year in aipmt form i gave my domicile state of mp(my birth state and had studied there for 3 years. these two criteria fulfilled me as domicile of that state). but i passed my 10th,12th,my state of origin is cg so i'm domicile of cg also. And even while making domicile certificates they didn't ask anything about other domicile or any such rule as in case of voter id etc(they specify of having a unique id) Shall i cancel one domicile (cg)? And after cancelling can any affidavit or something like that can be made showing that i've attended previos cnslng without knowledge and now as per rule i have cancelled other domicile(so that such type of dispute not come on my way of studies)? Please help me admission is very important for me this year.