I need to know some correct points on promissory note

Hi Sir, This is Raja from hyderabad. I need to know some correct points on promissory note case details. My First question is when we sent 1st lawyer notice to other person (who will need to return my barrow amount) what he will to do immediately as he need to escape of my money. 2nd question is if he sell/sold his asset to third party after my 1st lawyer notice (not the court notice) what is the next step from my end ? 3 Question is shall we send direct court notice to him without send any lawyer notice? If we send lawyer notice, maybe he will try to sell his property to third party. 4. So please give me advice in this situation. As I should be received my amount from other guy who wrote promissory note to me with his signature, thumb mark, filled the promissory note with correct amounts & dates (it will be deactivated on 30th June 2014). Also all details filled by his own writing at the time of promissory note filled on 31-06-2011 My contact number is 8885848630 (hyderabad) I am waiting for your response by mail or phone. Advance Thanks Raja Hyderabad 8885848630