My wife is not coming to live with me.

I am the breadwinner of my family,consisting of wife, & my child,married in yr 2007, my wife & in-laws have never done their household chores on their own,they always dependent on their maids or govt paid aayays in school of which my father in-law was wife never knows cooking,after marriage my mother taught her cooking, for one month my mother taught her all works & she left to my hometown as I working in mumbai, my office was from 6am to 6pm sun weeekly off, my wife never prepared any breakfast or lunch for me except on Sundays she always had the habit of sleeping,watching TV, after that she delivered her behaviour didn't changed,she used to ask me for maid servant but due to my financial constraint's I could not afford,but in 2010, I had hired one maid servant, my wife was happy,when she went to summer vacation to her hometown, she removed her saying that she had to pay evev we r not after that I took my wife & child to Dubai, poryblair,vskp,&goa for pleasure trips.all in flights.after we arranged money from my family & their family from my pf & my home loan from salary for buying flat at navi Mumbai, her behaviour never changed, when my child was going to school from 2nd class she used to give me lunch whenever I used to go off late.from 2013 she was addicted to Facebook,after she got my laptop unserviceable, I got her a smartphone, she is now always in whatssapp, Facebook, she used to check wup at midnights also.she is in their school mates group, I asked why r u always in wup she tells that I am chatting with my younger sis,& we check every bodies status & profiles & used to for them, now I am transferred to my hometown,on my wife request I had to stay in a rented 2bhk instead of living in joint family,after coming here,when we had to marriages ,receptions & parties my wife was not wearing mangalsutra,nor sinddor or tikaa on forehead, and even rings on her legs finger which is mandatory for married once, I complained it to my fatherin-law &brother in-law, when we went to holy dip in godavri river,after that when we reached their home,I had put my Complaints that she never cares my son's & me in family she is more in whatsapp then caring for us,even my son used to complain me that mom is always in whatsapp, taking selfies uploading & chatting, I came to my place of work next day morning itself,now after 10days my family elders suggested to call her & ask her when I she is coming, when I called her she is telling that u have told not to come unless u get rid of these activities y should I come, u always treat me like maid, u command me, I will not come, if u give me every month Rs10000 & a bike I will come & I will do what ever u tell like wearing saree, sindoor,mangalsutra,rings in fingers of leg.I recorded all her conversation in my mob. I am confused my son has already missed first unit tests & classes ,when I told her about his abstensim in school, she is telling that my son is 1year ahead doesn't matter if he loses one year.please help me out, I am confused.