Intellectual and Copyright Case

Hello, I have downloaded a landing page from the internet to start a website for a product, when i uploaded the landing page the images were missing or not loading on the website. I didn't check the website later, then few days later when i checked the website i found some other landing page which is different from what i have seen in the demo content. That landing page contained some copyright material, so i deleted it and let it go. 6 months later i got an email from a law firm that contained pdf file telling that the defendants were served notices, then i searched the law firm name and the email was sitting in my spam folder. The email contained my info such as name, address etc. describing the violation that my website was doing addressed to the court, means they filed a case on me in the US. I emailed them back asking why was i getting this email but have heard nothing about it. They asked the judge for Copyright/IP Infring. / damages/ lenham , i have not heard anything from them again. In case a court rewards them a default judgement. What are the legal options ? Would it play in India and can i defend myself ? I have not made any money from this website, they have never emailed me prior asking for takedown or asking the webhost to take down the infringing website. They sent the email and that too went to the spam folder and never replied. Would this case be