Personal Loan Bank Default

StanChart has filed a case against me for not paying back their personal loan. I had taken a loan of 94000 in 2007 and returned 3316 for 2 years. I stopped paying after 2 years due to financial loss as I lost my job and had zero income for two years due to sickness. They sent their people to harass me in my house where I stay with my old parents. I had to leave my house in Mumbai and go to Pune and stayed with a friend. They continue to harass my parents even now. Last year in July they filed a case against me for cheque bounce 138 sec NI. I hired a lawyer and paid him 5000. I attend court every month as my lawyer is mostly busy. Last time in court their lawyer applied for warrant against me even though I attended court due to misunderstanding that the judge could not see me. The security cheques that I had given them during taking the loan, 2 cheques amounting to 66000 they deposited in the bank account which I had already closed so they had bounced. For one year, they did not file the affidavit as they were awaiting the landmark SC judgement for sec 138. Kindly help me as to what should be my next course of action. I do not want to pay them anything as they have mentally harassed me and my parents since 2007 and I do not think my lawyer wants to assist much as he hardly attends the court.