Applied for divorce,have some doubts

I married on 6th feb 2014,she is working as business analyst and iam working as software eng.. she was taken a loan for flat in chennai more than 50lacks in that flat her brother,mother,father(not doing any thing) are living.her salary is 12 lacks,and mine is 10.she is doing job and she is paying..that is not an issue.but after marriage onwards she is dominating me.. she is working in banglore and iam in hyderabad. before my marriage iam not commited to banglore just inform i have branch in banglore. but i tried for banglore my superiors were not accepted. before going to banglore on week ends so many things were happend between on us. 1) when i went first time to her home(loan flat) her brother was asked me 1lach rupees tome for the reason of he payed advance for room which is she living in banglore,i shocked that was happend day after first night early morning before brush. i informed her vacate the room give advance to your brother,untill i came to banglore you can continue in paying guest. 2)from there we went for shiridi,for the reason of her parents wish for that we went for hyderabad and stayed in lodge.we went early morning chilkuru temple and come back to lodge afternoon.polices were come on mufty asked us id cards and reasons for stay here.i have showed id card and informed them going to shiridi. from that incident onwards she is not to talk untill reach shiridi. i have asked her,informed me why are tou not fight with police and hotel management. 3) we return back to our places iam hyderbad and she for banglore. after that i have heared that (from her relative brother infron my home in home town)that i have beat her like that. i totally disappointed from her entire behaviour and i have not went for banglore for 1month.after one mothe her 2 uncles and father and mother came to my home town home and fighting with us.there uncles trying to beat my mother.i have no father and having two sisters one seperated from husband and other is blind.inthat situation i went for police station. 4) they simply collected 2000rs from me and prepare counciling letter,in that mentioned make to resign my job and went to banglore for her forcibile 5)unfortunately i failed to date mentioned in the councilling letter by the police,when iam going to make call to inform her come on nextweek,suddenly i got a call from police,chennai regarding she claim a report on me. 6) i went there and they also make councelling prepare one letter to come to banglore on week ends.i accepted and going for banglore on weekends. 7) every time iam getting irritation for going banglore from her behaviour,she is not understanding me.i have to take care of my mother is asthma and low bp patient. when iam delay goto banglore she is going to threat me that she is going to file 498 on me and also she will make bring my sisters and mother into jail. from that onwards(july2014) i have not went banglore and she also informed me do how many day you are not comming in to banglore. 8) finally she come to my home on december and fight with my mother,at the time iam not at mother was informed me come on next week he will available. after that she come into my office and room in hederabad. she make call to my manager and room owner they were not responded. iam also not meet her. 9) on jan15 she came to my home town and infront of my home she called press and media informed them they were given big dowry.informed with media i have commited for banglore and not comming. for asking this reason why he is not comming ,our parents are asked additional dowry and she was shocked like that she was that time we are not at home.(me and my mother and also she was not informed us before) 10)i have not taken any dowry from them i have given 52gms gold and 10 gms gold for her brother. they done marriage near to there home town and i have not asked any money from them. for marriage preparation i have taken 4lacs loan. 11) i applied divorce on feb15 and this aug15 have councilling. in this background 1) shall i get divorce 2) shall i need to pay any maintanence her... 3) shall they demand for marriage expendatures?? could you please clarify my doubts