Neighbors and the local children attacking us deliberately

Https:// Do listen fully to the audio evidences against the children of my area from the above link after downloading it. Because of this diurnal headache, during Mahashivratri yesterday night at around 10.00 pm IST, I was so tensed due to the high noise levels that the Shivlinga in my hands slipped, fell to the ground and broke. Every night, we are unable to sleep peacefully because of the noise attacks from all sides including upstairs. I have not always been able to record the noise from upstairs because as I have noticed on this forum too, many people have claimed to be unable to record the thumping noises from their upstairs neighbors houses. This much is clear. They throw things on their floor just to provoke us. Every single day and night, these children of Gokul Gully, Opposite NES International School, Mulund West, Mumbai 400082, Maharashtra, India scream and shout so much. Moreover, the crazy family upstairs, the Lawangares, living in Flats A7 and A8, New Giri Vihar CHS, were also hitting our ceiling so hard that it was painful and disturbing. These people are clearly uncultured and godless. Whenever they are frustrated, these children pelt stones at our house and their parents stand on the public road at night and talk loudly. We have nicely told these people at first but they continue to deliberately harass us.