Dismissal during Pregnancy

Dear Sir, I am working with a reputed IT Firm since last more than 6 months and now a confirmed employee. I am on bench since joined. There are also a lot of more peoples on bench due to lack of work in the organisation. Two weeks ago I approaches my RMG person to inform that I am pregnant and as there is lack of work in my profile; you can assign me any other work wheather its not related to my profile and which I can perform. I am ready to work. And Now, my employer (HR) called me in after 2 weeks and asks me to put papers with-in next 1 month. I informed her as well about last 2 weeks meeting with RMG and about my pregnancy. Still she insisted me to put papers in next 1 month. Where I am about 6 months pregnant. If I put papers and searches outside then no-organisation is going to hire me due to my pregnancy (Definitely they will not give me excuse of pregnancy, but as they will be aware that this person if about to go on maternity leaves very soon). Also as I am about 6 months pregnent, and still if I searches outside than no organisation is going to offer me maternity benefits as well due to minimum time to avail maternity benefits will not match. What should I do in this situation PLEASE!!!