boyfriend refused to marry month bfr mrg bcz hiz mom wanted dowry

i was in relation with my bf for 5 years.his mother was against marriage bcz she said i was from shedule caste and ugly(i m high class rajput n good looking).den she came to meet me in noida n asked me to ask my parents for 1 crore dowry n very elegant wedding.she gave me a time of one or two weeks.i did not say anythng but my bf stood up for me.she slapped him on face n also bruised him with nails.she also mentally tortured me from time to time for nonsense reasons n even threatened me.but i ignored this all as my bf supported me.finally she agreed n my family too agreed.she called my parents to meet in ambala n there she cancelled the marriage n my bf also suported her.she said that i abused her the day before.i did say bad things abt her to my bf in anger but never meant anything.i did this bcz she was not allowing him to tslk to he is under her comtrol i dnt know how.i have no option but to committ suicide.for five years she tortured n harassed me n now everythng is gone all bcz i nvr asked my parents to pay her huge there some way out that i can get my bf back.we lived together for 4 years.