Newly married in Dec 2020 and wife left me to stay at her mothers place.

My Wife is creating below problems , Can I give legal notice or any other thing to correct her? 1. Before marriage, for last one year , I explained her that my parents are elderly and my younger brother is physically handicapped and hence, after marriage we all will stay together as they need not only money support but a man support. Rest all, we will manage. She and her family agreed and we got married in Dec 2020. 2. After marriage in 15 days time, she is not participating in sex with me and want me to leave my parents and stay separately only with her. I told her that we had agreed before marriage to stay together and now you are changing tunes. 3. She falsely accused my parents for abusing her and ranaway with all jewelry & luggage to her mother place. When I called her she refused to come back at our house , until I leave my parents and stay separately. I tried to convince her but in vain. Then I spoke to her mother (my mother-in-law) to speak some sense to her but she supported her daughter (my wife) and asking me to choose between my parents & wife, which I was shocked to hear. My wife is a working woman and her mother is a very cunning lady as they are dependent on my wife earnings. 4. I made every effort to reconcile and told her it is cruel to do something like this but my wife is stubborn. I even told her that before marriage, when I had clearly explained to her that I want to stay together with my family alongwith my wife, she had agreed and now, after marriage she wants to stay separately, which I cannot do. 5. What are the steps, I should take to make sure that I divorce her without harming my family as I am the sole bread winner. Please help as I am from a lower middle class family and have meager source of income. .