I have submitted the application for trademark for company online. While coming to the payment procedure i entered the details of STATE BANK OF INDIA' s debit card and i waited the amount of Rs 9000/- to get deducted but in the payment status it was still showing pending and the display instructed me to wait for a hour to initiate the payment. I waited for a hour but the pending payment was not deducted and sits showed error for transaction. As there was no option of discarding the Application form which i filled earlier in the name of "Wilson Techonlogies Private Limited", i filled the new application form and made the Payment from Axis Banks Debit Card and the Payment of Rs. 9000/- got deducted instantly.After two days i went to the trademark site and checked the Payment history. Seeing that i came to know that the same company got registered two times which meant that Payment of Rs. 9000/- was deducted from State bank of india as well. it has been a week. ive sent emails asking for refund but there is no reply yet. it has been a week