498A - Kindly keep this question Private.

Hi, This question is from an harassed husband whose wife is separated from her husband(it was wife's free will and own choice to separate) since 5 years and is staying with her father since 5 years. After 5 years of separation, my wife has filed a 498A and dowry harassment case & the divorce case against me. I am working abroad and cannot come to India quickly to attend the court proceedings due to work commitments. The court had send the summons against my name and against my mom and sister's name(My sister is leaving separately in her own home even from before my marriage took place). We were ignorant about the summons because the summons were not intimated to us by the police and since we were not aware of any such summons issued against our names we could not go on the date of the court proceeding and court issued an warrant against our names(my name, my mom's and sister's name). Once the warrant was issued, the police came to our house and told my mom that warrant has been issued and the date on which to go to the court. We all were surprised because it was news to us. Had the police earlier told us about the summons we would had attended the court's summons and thus warrant would not have been issued against us. My mom and sister along with their lawyer went to court on that day and both were granted bail. Court asked for me to be present in the court by giving me a next date. I am an nri and due to my work commitment unable to go back to India to attend the court date, Q1) what are the implications if I don't reach the court on that date? Will the court issue a proclamation against me? what are the chances? Q2) If an proclamation is issued then what happens? Will the foreign country in which I am working in will be intimated by Indian government thus asking them to deport me? Q3) will the proclamation issued against me close all my doors to go back to the foreign country once I reach India? Q4) If I anyhow go back to India on the said court date, will the police arrest me at the port of entry in India and/or seize my passport? Kindly help me out with the above questions. Thanks in advance.