Need your help.

Hi. I was in a relationship with a guy for almost 8 years, we had decided to get married , our families also got involved. Things were going fine but I decided not to move ahead in the relationship due to few bad habits of the guy like doubting me, using abusive language and all. I broke up with him and same was informed to our families also. Now this guy took out my call history by paying some money to service provider and has started blackmailing me and harrassing me publicly by sending our pic and mails to all the people who were there in my call list. Most of them were my colleagues as it was a corporate SIM. He has started talking all filthy things about me with the people I work. He simply wants to defame me and ruin my reputation. He also threatened me and my family that if i decide to marry any one else, he will kill me. Me and my parents informed his family about all the issues but they are also not taking any action against him. His actions are so embarrassing that It has become difficult for me to work in my current organization. I want to file a serious police complaint but I am worried about my security as well. I have no idea what I can do in such situation or what all rules are there for such conditions. He has made a joke of my privacy completely. Please suggest me what all I can do legally