What the court will decide if she will not present on 2nd Motion

Dear Friends, We have filled Mutual Divorce in the month of March and we are parents of 5 Years Old Daughter. We both are working in different cities and presently child is with wife. Presently my spouse has changed her contact number and staying with her mother, I am worried in case if she is changing her plan, so I would like to know what the court will decide if she is not present on 2nd Motion Date which is in Sept, 2015. Further, I would like to mention that regarding child I was permitted to take her with me for 10 day after every 6 months with prior 24 hours intimation on sms and nothing else is mentioned in our first application. I also like to share that I belong to a joint family and taking child custody will not be an issue for me as we have two children at home of similar age groups and five elder persons including me. My wife is alone living with her working mother and her father is also working in a different state. So, I would like to take your help/ advice on below points: What the court will decide if she will not present on 2nd Motion Date? Does she can claim for child maintenance? Irrespective of she is earning more than me. May I get the child custody as I have good family support and environment to take care of child? Thanks and Regards,