Adjudication of Power of Attorney

This involves a property matter currently being pursued in a district court of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. I live outside India and I had appointed a Power of Attorney (my uncle) to help get possession of a flat (Apartment) in Kolhapur from a cousin of mine, whom I had helped financially to purchase the said a flat (Apartment). The matter went to court (district court of Kolhapur, Maharashtra) after which my cousin decided to transfer the flat (Apartment) to me through a Gift Deed. I hired a local attorney for this purpose and the original Power of Attorney (POA) document was submitted to the court as part of the proceedings. My attorney had said that he would get a decree from the court that the flat (Apartment) belongs to me through the Gift Deed, then register the Gift Deed on my name through my POA and complete the other process of complete transfer of the flat (Apartment) in my name. After almost 2.5 years of the case being in the court, my attorney now says that Gift Deed needs to be adjudicated by the local Stamp Collector and for this purpose the original Power of Attorney needs to be withdrawn from the court. Also, the original Power of Attorney needs to be adjudicated. I have not heard of Power of Attorney being adjudicated. I also wanted to know about the implications of the original Power of Attorney being withdrawn from the court when the case is still being heard by the court. Please advice as I have started to believe that my attorney is not paying enough attention to my case and giving me correct information. Thank you very much. PC