How to get anticipatory bail

Current situation: a. My wife filed a case against me and 2 others on 8 june 2015 under section- 498A/406/506/354/109/379/324/34 b. I have not recieved any notice yet. c. They are not aware that I have come to know about this case file. Facts: a. I am married from dec 2010. Since then our relation has not been cordial. But we managed to continue till january 2015. We were blessed with a baby girl on May 2012. b. My wife has not been attached with my family. I got to know later that she wants me to get detached with my family. She is not so social where as I have been very social and for this she dislikes me.I got to know later that she wants me to get detached with my family. c. In janauary 2015 my father got accidental fracture at bihar, I hurried to take care of them (My mother was not in condition to manage hospital proceedings) to a reputed hospital in patna. Even then my wife was not supportive towards them and was reluctant to visit patna. I am doing private job in orissa and it was not possible for me take a long leave. Our family (didi and jijaji) said us on hard note that if your wife must have visited to patna and should take care of her sasur. d. By such force expectation, her father and brother came to orissa and take her with them to jharkhand (jamshedpur) e. I tried to convince them to not react in such a way but they were adament on this that we behaved very badly against them. Even my bed ridden father talked to her but she refused to come back. f. My daughter is with her in jamshedpur and I last met her at jamshedpur at may approx. g. In between My father got died on 7 june 2015. Please note that case has been filed on the very next day of my father death. Suggestion required: How to move forward as my mother is with me and dependent on me.