Domestic violence evidence & loan given as cash

I was beaten up by husband and sister in law, for giving money to my parents. i earn more than my husband and he and my inlaws does not like i am giving money to my parents. they are not satisfied, eventhough i have brought my husband home loan of 41lac, and 11 lac given to his brother. i was convinced to take a personal loan 3 lac as the home loan we have applied got delayed. this 3 lac was given to the builder as a cash, and the builder is no more. i am repaying this loan every month around 11k emi. on 5th july they asked me money, as i refused, my mil locked my bedroom and let my husband beat me and i managed to call my mom and 100 for rescue. my mom came first however the neighbours convinced her that these are normal in husband wife relationship, and my mom left me there itself. after half an hour my sil came to my house and she beat me severely. i just cried for help but none turned up. i called my mom again and she took me home with my 5 month old daughter then. there is no eye witness except their family members. so my husband and his family telling that i am a liar and no such thing happened at all. i just left home simply. moreover he took my one year bank statement and going to all of our family friends and relatives to show that i gave all money to my parents and did not give them any. they also claim that they did not get that 3Lac money too and asking me the proof that i gave money to them. now MIL still calling to my relatives and spreading rumours like i am asking them for divorce. when the mediators came to my home, i told them i can live with my husband only if he promise me that he needs me and my daughter and my mil and sil should not interfere in our matters and we both live separately. for which my husband said he dont need me, he will be with his mom and sister only. i continue to stay with my parents as long as he realize his fault. i dont want to file DV against him but at the same time, if he applies for divorce on ground of dessertion, i have to proof that its only due to the fact the i was abused by them. any guidance on this wil be greatly helpful.