Fir registered on me on non payment of salary in 420 section

I have a company in delhi which was shutdown by delhi highcourt order on the ground of trademark copyright act, as the result i shut down this company and my 16 employees are now job less i dropped them a email about it and acknowledge them to stop working and windup of business. few days after all staff gives a complaint against me for 420 non payment of salary etc, here i received 25k from 8 employees as a security bond deposit 3month that they will not left the job during this 3 month period, unfortunately my company goes shut down during this 3 month, so these staff also alleged to cheat me for this 25k security amount also as well on salary too. this complaint made on 30 july 2014 later after complaint i returned back all staff dues & 25k security deposit in witness & presence of IO police incharge , on 3-11-2014 now out of 16 staff, 3 employees was rigid to not withdraw complaint and asked me to compensate 6 month salary extra, IO now advice me to give them chque 2 month advance date to these 3 persons and close the complaint later after 2 month these advance chques got bounced as i dont want to pay them ,as a consequences result a fir registered on me 25-2-2015 on the basis of first complaint dated 30 july 2014 . till now i m not got arrested, have joined the investigations . recently my anticipatory bail got dismissed in patiala session court in june-15 & july-15 pls advice what to do best for defence .. either move for FIR quashing with stay of arrest or apply anticipatory bail in high court