Should I (wife) file for annulment or divorce on grounds of non consummation ?

I got married in August 2019. My husband and I have never consummated our marriage till September 2020. We are from the same state but from two nearby cities and we were living alone Hyderabad. Since the very beginning, there was some kind of cheating being done with me. Just after 3 days of our marriage, my husband started having some kind of local Vedic oil treatment for his backbone pain and I was not allowed to come near him, as the oil contains some kind of poison which was deadly. This treatment lasted for 6 months. During these 6 months period, I kept on suggesting for the consummation of the marriage or asked for my conjugal rights, but I was denied from that right. The reason given was not at all satisfactory - "oil is deadly, I have office work, I am tired, friends have invited us and more important this is my promotional year." I was quiet for a very long time but eventually, I convinced him to tell me the reason and he mentioned - " I don't like your touch, I don't like to be around you, I am not interested in you and I don't have the desire to come near you. I don't feel aroused. " After hearing from him I counselled him and took him to a sexologist believing that it could be a medical situation due to high stress from work. The doctor did the physical examination and said, " He is having some minor problem so I am giving him some medicines for 1 month after that come again for the 2nd round. "My husband took those medicines but even then there wasn't any change in him and we weren't able to visit the doctor nor was I able to go to my parent's place due to the COVID lockdown. We eventually came back to my husband's hometime in the mid-May as my father in law was getting retired ( by this time we had completed 9 months). Father in law was working in some nearby town away from his home town. As in my husband's family, there are only 3 member his father and younger sister ( who is studying MBBS at Ukrain). his mother passed away in 2013 due to cancer. In the month of June, my father in law started staying with us and every day he started giving me some kind of stress which I was able to overcome for the day but even then it affected me. Moreover, they use to behave very arrogantly whenever I use to talk to my parents. I was not allowed to visit my family even for 2-3 days even if the pace was 2hr drive away, the reason was COVID, who is going to do the house chore and don't you have some responsibilities towards his home. They use to keep late-night prayer service so that my husband and I can not have a physical relationship. During our anniversary eve and night, he fought with me for no reason. I was allowed to visit my parents after 13 months (sep 2020) as my husband's sister was returning home from Ukrian due to COVID, in order to keep my sister in law in quarantine. My parents and I tried to talk out my marital condition with my in-laws in October and suggested them for some medical support. I decided to end this marriageJan21