Parking space in Society registered as per RERA

Hello team, I have booked a 2bhk flat in dec 2018 after RERA was formed in Maharashtra. In my registered agreement and in Index -2 , it is specified that 1 parking space will be alloted. I have received possession 1 year back and society is also formed but still parking allotment is not completed. Now when checking with builder he is saying that covered car parking space is limited and I will be alloted with open car parking space and society Management committee is saying all open car parking space are society holding and builder cannot allot to open parking space. Please note conveyance deed is still not done. Can someone please highlight that as per RERA everyone should be getting covered car park or open car parking space can also be alloted? Should individual be fighting to get covered car parking space as per RERA? If by chance open car park is alloted to individual, Can society post conveyance deed remove the allotment of open car space and ask for any rental on the same? Thank you very much for the inputs.