House sold or not? I dont know!!

My mom owns a house in her name. What i heard, she sold the house 3 years ago for 60lakhs and moved away. I have no signature on any papers and I am now still living in than house with my wife for more than 3 years. No ones approached me yet but my mom requested many times over phone to vacant the house and she will give me money later. But according to my knowledge, she wasted all her money for the greed of billion rupees jackpot. My maternal uncle is the main culprit. I am living at the 1st floor and also acquiring most part of the house. But ground floor is locked since then. I guess the man to whom my mom sold the house put the lock. Now, due to my financial crisis, i want to let the ground floor. Also to mention, there's a garage on the ground floor which was always remain open from Beginning with no shutters- i sold the garage to another person with the help of a lawyer citing mom's absconding. Now i want to let the ground floor(all windows open actually i broke the windows from outside and it is clearly visible theres nothing inside except 4 plastic chairs and a table) Will it be a crime to break the lock and to let the ground floor?