Marriage Certificate Q - Groom -Indian Bride -Israeli

Hello Lawyers of India, I have a question about marriage certificate application form. I am an Indian Citizen and My wife is an Israeli Citizen. We have been married in India under the special marriage act. I recently went in to get a Marriage Certificate at local municipal corporation office. I was given a supplementary form for providing extra information of my NRI bride. (Please share some insight on NRI vs Foreign National) I have attached the original form (in gujarat) and an English translation done by me. The form is supposedily made in reference to a US citizen / NRI living in US due the fact that the following points were asked in the Form: 6. Details Of NRI Status :- Groom: Bride: (Related to Status Adhering ) Attach an attested copy of the document:- 7. Social Security Number:- Groom: Bride: Attach an attested copy of the document:- 8. N.R.I Groom’s/Bride’s Voter or Alien Registration Card’s Details: (Related to Status Adhering ) Attach an attested copy of the document:- When I asked that my wife is not an NRI she is a foreign national and would not have the following details because the following documents are only provided to US citizen or Green Card Holder. Their argument was that if you do not have Social Security Number or Alien Registration Card then prodive us with an affidavit that you don't have such document and we will consider it. Each country has its own national ID card (Like we have PAN and Aadhar Card), but they were adament that the form asks for Social Security and Alien Registration Card so you must provide the one of give us an affidavit. _________________________________________________________________ I went to their superior as well and he said that why to create an issue, why don't you just bring an affidavit and close the case. No one at the Municipal Corporation office understands the difference between NRI (Non Resident Indian) VS Foreign National. _______________________ I would appreciate your inputs on this. Regards, Anand