Early marriage

My servant has approached me for help. her son who is 19 ran away with a girl 17 years and were married with the support of some of his friends, 10 months back. the girl's mother filed a case on the boy for kidnapping and marrying her daughter who was then a minor. the girl attained 18 last month. The case is still running in the court. my servant maid's son was put in jail for 2 months and 10 days before he got bail and out now. the girl has not been appearing in the court the last two time, but the boy has been appearing, as there is a warrant on the girl's mother for not appearing she is now worried and wants the same boy to marry her daughter immediately, that is tomorrow in a temple and later register it. my maid who is below poverty line, has spent over a lakh paying her lawyer who is not advising them clearing, but needs her to pay everytime she is called to the court. though she is struggling with the situation she has agreed to get them married to come of the situation. Please advice if it is ok to get them married when the case in running in the court, if so then what happens to the case. I look forward to your guidance to help her. Thank you in advance.