• Using residential property for commercial use

Reference is made to a 32 apartments G=11 storied co op Housing Society Residential Building ( under construction) at Kolkata and the housing society is registered under West Bengal co op Housing society ACT. Plat is given by Govt of West Bengal for 99 yrs lease. The society is run by a ( elected team) Board of Directors ( Chairman, secretary, treasurer etc) Though it is under construction BUILDING , but few flats are presently ready for usage, but building is not hander over to the housing society the builder. ( The Housing society is owner of land and a builder is given a work order by Housing society to construct the building at the cost of approx Rs.9 CR for 32 apartments). now one member has sent a mail stating that he will run his Pvt Ltd office from his flat for few months and later it will move to another commercial place. Now question comes: a) Can any member runs his business from under construction residential Building ( his flat) ? b) If permitted, then Is it mandatory for him to take NOC from Builder ( as it may cause security problems for construction work and materials ) ?