Can revoke of PoA may lead to FIR against owner, if there is any nottery of commitment is attached

In year 2014, My Father had done power of attorney to someone of immovable property (in plots of Agriculture land area in sq yards). A nottery paper is also attached with this and in this we committed that we are giving him 4000 (including PoA if 2006 sq yard and has has paid 1.32 crore to us (but no cheque etc, of proof of payment is there)). And we decided to give him appox 4000 sq yards in 1.32 crore. before power of attorney he had already got 2447 sq yards area but he tells that he had got only 1956 sq yard and then He got PoA from us of 2006 sq yards. And next day he had done agreement of same land with his wife and used that PoA. Then he started selling that property and only he was recieving that money on the behalf of us. He has sold approx 70% of that PoA. Last plot sold in 2017. Then after some time we got to know that we had sold 2447 sq yard area to him before PoA and we only received the amount of 4000 sq yard only. Approx 450 sq yard extra land had been transferred to him unknowingly. He had done fraud on various aspects. He is witnees in all the registies done of 2447 sq yard land. Can we revoke/cancle that power of attorney of rest of 30% that is still unused, if yes, may he take any legal action against us on the basis of nottery of commitment of 4000 sq yard land in 1.32 crore. Can he use that nottery against us as he had got payment of 2446 sq yard land and 70% of power of attorney. That is approx 3800 Sq yard.