I need a suggestion

Hi i’m Ayaz. From 1999-2002. when i was in 7th class i was used by my father Md.Khasim to sell novelties on footpath. i helped my brothers in education and shelter by selling the novelties and earning money.i totally help my father and family for 3 years. And when Ayaz father was registering Borabanda land papers due to lack of money his father has taken the money from financer in yousufguda and Ayaz has cleared the amount (witnesses Yousufguda financer and other) And in 2003 Ayaz stop his selling job when he was in intermediate.Ayaz parents forced him to go to college but Ayaz want to do other business and he didn’t continue his education because in his childhood he has seen business and money. we r 4 brothers i’m 2nd ,Now my big Brother has constructed house due to lack of education i just helped with some amount according to my low salary. After my big brother marriage he started neglecting me and he started telling this my house i constructed and after my marriage my big brother totally harassing me and my wife that this is my house my big brother totally forget that i (Ayaz) help his education when father losses his job and was selling novelties on footpath. And my father and mother betrayed me and supporting my big brother because he i rich and he outside purchased lands and now he told me that u did nothing to house and my mom and father also joined him.i have so many witnesses who no the story of mine.. so i need a suggestion