Property issue

My Uncle Who is in Delhi Police is contiunusly harassing my parents for issue relating to property My Grand father had a property for approx 120 sq yard and they were 5 brother and from them 4 brother have share in this property. My Grand father had 8 sons and 4 daughters. My grand mother had given her share of property to my dad and we were staying in that property since my birth due to shortage of space my father purchased a new property and we moved to new place and we were using this propery as store room and other 3 brothers left this property and shifted to other place. Now, one of the brother's Son (Mr R) come and start renovating it the whole property withput our consent and we stopped him by saying not to touch our area. me and my uncles (Mr RJ) ( from 8 sons who is working in Delhi Police) also purchased 4 plots at new location and start constructing them and we had given a contract to a builder to all 4 plots without and written contract. Mr RJ had purchased a plot from Mr R 5 years back and disagree to give ownership of the plot to MR RJ and told him you have to help me to get the old property to my name. Mr. RJ talk to builder about this issue and builder stopped the construction of my plot and told to Mr R to file a complaint to police against me that i have stopped the renovation work and if i made any voliance them assrest me. Now i did not react on action done by them. we had family meeings after this issue then my parents feel harasshed and agree to give ownership to Mr R and liew of this they paid 5 lack rs to me and commited to get my plot construction work started again. we have word with builder and with extra cost of Rs 2 lack builder agrees to start work also they have taken police complaint back. after three month, when renovation work of Mr R got completed now again my Uncle start harassing us by stoping our construction work again and again, when we asked we will complaint in police against him for harassment his replay was GO - GO to any police station, I am in Poice and have good relationsip with SHO you can't do any thing. Please advice what we can do. My father is handicapped due to a accident 2 year back and mother is ill due to dipression and i have 1 year old son.