Divorce notice

I and my wife staying separate since last two years. she want compromise through community(panch) as her brother and relatives are leaders in community and I want to compromise through family and friends or divorce through court not through community. my children with her. I want to help them but they are not taking my money or gift or cloth or any help. for my elder girl, last year I went to high court and got admission in MBBS seat in government collage which nominal fees are 15000 ruees per year for my duaghter . and due to high court she got admission in MBBS in government collage but she is not talking with me. I given my bank debit card to her in which around 70000 rupees but only 1000 rupees She withdraw . they mama send money because of They thaught his sister will get to much money from me if she will get divorce and it is benefit for them . I am transferring Rs. 5000 to my wife account since 10 month . but she she did not withdraw. I try to get admission for my second duaghter in nirma through nri and i am ready to pay usd 5000 per year as nri fee but my wife and his brother do not want help from me because this time my second daughet easily got admission in gujarat. my second daughter was brilliant and if with me deffinatly she was in iit. without tution she got 90% in 12th but top collage she will not get admission and her mama try to give un ranked government collage where fee is wiever for brilliant student.my wife's brother help because he knows i have to much properties and they give small fish to my wife and my daughter and want to eat big fish.. but my wife not understand his polytics. since 10 years i am in gulf for my children better future and better education and year 2 times i was coming in india. my wife and my children staying in same village where my brother in law staying so they have more affection with my brother in law than me. i have help my brother in law in bussiness and they are taking my money from my atm and transfer money from my account to their account. now they set up bussiness and good earning and leaders in village. my children and my wife not respecte my family and do not want stay and they want stay as they told and also favour my wife's family. I do not want to divorce because of my children. I and whole village knows my brother in law's deceptive (danat) not good and after completed selfishness he will leave my wife and my children. My wife and my children totally against me and in this condition we will not stay to gether also. so I want to send divorce notice not by court but by advocate to my wife. so he can ready to compromise out of panch stay with me and my families and understand better to us . can it possible? and came out of her brother affection. what is fee for divorce notice?