Salary not paid post voluntary resignation.

Hi, I worked for a Tech Support MNC situated in Gurgaon as Team Lead - Operations. I worked for the company for about 2 Years 3 months. On July 2nd, 2015, I had a talk full of sarcasm with owner's(CEO's) wife who is also the Head of my department designated as Sr. Vice Precident. It was hardly a 5 minutes talk, the HOD started getting personal rather being professional in talk and went sarcastic. The conversation hurt her ego post which she called Sr. Manager-HR, Sr. Manager-Operations along with me in her cabin, post which she started shouting and yelling. HR and Sr. Manager - Operations couldn't say anything against her as she is owner's wife. Ultimately HR asked me to putdown my papers, the HOD said that I will get my salary for the days I have worked in the same discussion. First I requested that I would want to speak with the HR before I take any decision to which HOD replied that she would not let me speak to any of her employees. And if I do not keep quite that she will get me thrown out of her office premises. HR again asked me to to put down my papers to which I agreed. Then the HOD letted me speak with the HR as she called the CEO in between and he suggested the same. HR suggested me to write a resignation and take an immediate acceptance of resignation on paper. I did the same and got the copy my resignation acceptance with waiver of notice period in written. As soon as I came back to my place I wrote a formal email to the HR to give an resignation acceptance on email, and to confirm the salary payout date as it was discussed that my salary will not be stopped. I followed of thrice on email with multiple calls but did not get a formal reply for about 12 days. Later the Sr. Manager - Hr replied to one of the mails that the case is taken care by Company's legal team an they will get back to me after a week. As far as I know the company and owners' they will definitely try to create problems and to pay my salary. kindly suggest what shall I do? Kind Regards, Shivam