Immigration fees

Sir, There is one consultancy called Abhinav Immigration in delhi faclitating in supporting immigration. I deposited with them Rs 40,000/- as I was interested for immigration. I took the receipt for Rs 40,000. During same I did not sign any agreement paper. Later I appeared for IELTS exam on my own money, independently but could not score the required score to be qualified for immigration. Then I had to change my way and asked for refund from Abhinav Immigration, but they regret to pay anything saying we cannot refund any fees. They said we don't take any responsibility for IELTS. However I told them there has been no such agreement as I change my mind due to low score an eligibility and have not tendered your services thus fees has to be refunded back. But they are not ready to refund single penny of my Rs 40,000. Kindly advice as this is against any business ethics and like a scam. How should I approach to take my money back. Also I have receipt of the payment. Its not feasible to pay without taking any service as this is a huge amount.