I need to get path for Agriculture land

Hi All, My dad have agriculture land for 8 achaar, Which two side is surrounded with 10-15 feet drainage for rain water. and another two sides are surrounded with agri land. I am using the path as drainage. but In rainy days we are getting flood so there is no way for us. water flow will be there for 1-2 months depended on the rain fall. In this rainy timing we dot have any path. Remaining all other farmers has different path. This many days we used nearby landlord path. But we dont have any documents. But this year they are not allowing us to access their path. how can i get path for my land in rainy season. Is any law is there like Section 13 of the Indian Easements. +ve Notes: We are having free EB connection for agriculture as well as paid Eb connection and it is coming through near by land only. And also we are having common PAP water pipe which is travelling from other land. PAP(Parambikulam Aliyar Project): we are getting water through that pipe once for two year by government. Please let me know the solutions. We are have some cattle we need to protect them in rainy season. Regards, Karthi T