Family Inheritence

I am Sasi , a senior ctizen, aged 70. I had purchased 150 cents of agriculture land at Manakkakadavu, near Kakkand, Kochi, in the year 1993. Even before my purchase this land was lying useless,with out any agriculture or anything or any other utilisation. I had a small business. By the year 2004 my business under went a heavy loss and i had to sell off my land to repay my debts. So in 2005, after recieving an advance of 30 lacks, I entered in to an agreement for sale with a party of 3 members, . But in spite of 3 extensions they failed to register the document in time and finally a case was registered. After long legal fights of 17 yrs finally the case was dispossed off in my favour by the High Court of Kerala. Final verdict of High Court was to return the advance amount of Rs 30 laks + 9% simple interest from 2005 till the time of repayment, which comes to a huge amount. I am not in a position to raise the amount. Even then since the court didnot mention a specific time frame for the repayment, i was in a firm belief that i could  resell the land as early as possible and to repay the advance amount and also clear all my balance debts. Really I rejoiced a lot believing that I would be able to sell the land and clear all my liabilties and live the balance life very peacefully and happily. As a result I had given  advertisements  in noline property selling internet sites like india properties. Com, magic bricks. Com, in some local news pappers, and also entrusted some local real estate agents etc etc. Enquiries started comming in and I was very cofident I may be able to sell the property and clear all my liabilties and lead a settled, peaceful life. But the things went just opposite. All my thoughts and dreams toppled. Due to unexpected heavy floods in [deleted], and due to spread  of deadly virus covid19 in the year [deleted], nothing happened as we wished. The whole world is in a very serious set back and crisis. Now the govt has made the wet land law even more strict that people hesitate to buy the agricultre land. In this situation I am not able to sell the land, and repay the advance amount. Interest on my all liabilties are accruing day by day. I am 70 and my wife 65 yrs old and we both are living  with our various health problems. I have a son he is staying away with his wife and 2 children aged 10 and 6. I dont have a home and i am living in my wives house. I wish to get legal advice and guidence so that I and my wife can get out of these difficulties for ever and lead a peaceful and quiet life.