Contested divorce apply from out of india and reply to 125 crpc petition

Marriage Date 20/04/2016 My wife filed 125 crpc on 9 oct 2019 in Delhi High court , i did not get any notice from court in 2019 and she also did not tell me about it that she has filed a petition. After that she started staying with me from feb 2020 to Aug 2020 in the United kingdom. On 17th Nov 2020 i got a notice from delhi high court for a maintenance petition that she filed in 2019. Court hearing is in March 2021. Now i want to take divorce from her but i am staying out of india , can advocate apply for Contested divorce from my side ? In 2017 my wife and her father and some relatives came to my house in gurgaon and broke bone of my brother and several injuries on me. That time we went to Govt hospital for MLC and i have MLC number. I have some audio recording in which my wife is abusing my family members and threatening to kill me. 2020 One video recording in which there were many blood injuries on my neck and face. 2020 How much will be cost of filing divorce application ?