Society is not maintaing proper accounts and have destroyed the letters given tothem

I have been writing to society many letters that there is descrpencies in the accounts since long time say 2012, but they are not replying. I have been giving letter to society security, where upon he use to sign an acknowledgement, but there was no reply from any Society Committee Members nor Secretary till date. As initially say in 2004, a secretary was harassing, I being a woman use to not talk to him but just write and give the letter. Though he has resign and sold the flat and gone now in 20012. The current Secretary are not listening. They have been levying the charges for two wheeler and also non occupancy charges when I was not staying in the flat. I am being charged for two wheelers unnecessarily, and the penalty upon penalty in spite of selling the vehicle long time and giving them a letter. They are not giving ears to my any letters being a woman tenant. And recently, an ex secretary is harassing my son in an drunkard state and giving him threatening him and me to kill us both and also abusing me unnecessarily. Though I have lodge a police complaint against him. Actually other Chairman and the EX-secretary are all hand in hand and want to harass us because I have shown them their mistake of discrepancies of Rs.40,000/-.Please advise as I am a single woman with old mother of 85 years. Thanks and regards