Section 43 -Land Law

1) In 2012 both sold land to me BB name appear on land and AA said possession of land , 2) After few days I understand Mr. AA (possession) and Mr.BB (land owner )done section 43 land registration in 1992 without taking sale permission .But 7/12 not transferred on AA name as not taken sale permission 3)While taking sale permission collector questioned about 1992 registration and confirm it illegal and hold for sale permission. 4)Mr. AA running away and not presenting in front of revenue department for further clarification and BB saying he not remember past . 5) I asked registration department about possibility of 1992 registration without sale permission they given me letter saying go to court . So I confused with registration act 1) is it possibility to do registration without mandatory sale permission in Year 1992 ? 2) Can I consider it is forged sale registration? 3) In between Mr.AA or Mr.BB who is cheating with me ? 4)Is Mr.AA has rights to transfer property on me ?