Denied for paid flat maintanance charges and others

We are all flat owner have lived in single building aparrtment in north kolkata, problem is that our old landlord not given single amount of maintainence ( his portion 1st & 2nd Floor and he rent as commercialy office space 3/4th of his portion ) recently aries an problem that our submerciable pump is fully damage and it need to change, but we have no fund in our society account, he also not pay our flat maintanance fees near about Rs. 80,000/- for the last 4 years, so we are request to him that if he clear his maintanance charges as partly then we buy a new pump although we also add our maintanance amount with it, to buy the new pump, at this moment we are decide that, we are pay our charges for buy a new pump, but till now he dont agree with us for any how, at this moment please advice us that, if we buy a new pump and can we stop to his supply of water? and can it is a legal criminal offence? if it is a criminal offence, so what can we do at this moments and advice us that how we can stop his water supply as per legal way.