Publication of my article in other person's name

Hello, I am a US citizen and I am currently working for a company in India. I wrote an article after putting in considerable amount of time and research. The article was first sent in my name (the original and only author) to the publishing house. Later the article was published in someone else's name, and this person had no contribution to the article. The name of the author and photograph was sent to the Publishing House by the HR department of my company. The HR head had malicious intent against me all along, and he sent the wrong name (possibly in collusion with the person whose name appeared against the article) not realizing the laws he was breaking. The publishing house knew that I was the original author but did not care to conform the name they were actually publishing. Or they did this in collusion with the company I am working with. This is a criminal act as per Section 63 of Indian Copyright Act. The company and its officials have stolen my article and published in some other person's name. I want to seek my legal options here. The Publishing House may put a corrigendum / errata note in the next issue. If done, it will happen only after I raised a hue and cry about the incident. Irreversible damage has already been done and I have lost significant future opportunities. Will publishing of the corrigendum dilute my case? Since I am a US citizen, can I file a case in US courts also? The company I work for has not taken any action against the HR head. THanks Shakti