Suffering from Mental Harassment from the Manager and in a team

Hello Sir, I am working in IT Firm in an MNC (Tier 2 company) in Noida from the last two years. In these two years i have given the best of my knwoledge. But from the last 1.4 yrs i am facing the mental harassment from my manager like i will release you from the Job if you will not work, and when i ask for the release he denies to do. Even the Juniors has also misbehaved with me, in that case i have given the short answer to that particular person. But in return the manager has again misbehaved with me on behalf of that person. I have decided to work in this enviournment because it was just 5 months in Job. After sometime the manager given me the task which i have given around 15 days to complete but in return he has no reply, and all the favour is given to that particular person. But for this i had written a mail to my manager which describes that i have done the task and there was no visibility of my work, and asked him how it could be visible. But my manager haven't given any reply. I have proof of that mail. I have other friend in the organization, they also know about those persons, and they are in favour of me. Can you please suggest what should i do in this case. Is it ok to ask the HR of the company or should i file a case against the manager.