Advice on drink and drive

Hello, recently i got caught of drink and driving case and the trffic inspector feed in my details and then gave me challan which said i have to be in court to pay fine for following offence - 1-drink and driving 2- no license. After discussing with the inspector, as I never drove after drinking and it was my first time getting caught, wanted some information about next procedures. He told me i have to be in court and pay the fines. Later before leaving he told us that we can come to traffic station next day and pay fines and there is lawyer who will then pay the fines. Next day afer spending half day in station, some police constable approached and asked us to pay fines so we dont have to go to court, then we payed the fine and my friends bike which i was driving(he was sitting behind me while we got caught) was released and we are told to come back after two days to collect the receipt. Later after two days when we went to get the receipt, the same guy told us that its been settled and we dont have to worry about anything. So, my question is.. do the case still there and whether do i have to worry about it as we already payed fine and told there is no such case going to the court. Please somebody put some light in this matter as i dont want to be a defaulter belieaving the PC that there wont be any case. If in case there is some case and later on am going to court just for not paying fine in court and in station and moreover i havent got any reciept or such.