Divorce petition

I am 40 years old working as Asstt. Audit Officer in the Pr. AG HP Shimla office and have two children aged 19 years daughter and 16 years son living with me. My wife is sanitation contractor and also has a business partner (a man) since 2008. She wants to contest the election but I opposed her decision. She left home for contesting Councilor;s election in Feb. 2012 (now councilor from a national party) and went to her parents home which is nearby to my home. After that in month of May 2012 I served her a legal notice but she never replied of the notice. I had applied for a decree of divorce in July 2012 on the basis of mental cruelty. She never contested/ attended any Court proceedings and was declared ex-parte in Oct. 2012. When the case was filed in the Court she was living with the parents but in July 2013 she entered in my home forcefully with their parents/ relatives/ some other peoples. After that she continued to live with us forcefully me and my children alongwith my parents did not talk with her since then. The decree of divorce was granted to me by the court in Nov. 2014 and told her verbally but she took it lightly and thought that it was false. I asked her to leave my home but she refused to leave. After that I sent her a copy of the same on March 27, 2015 by registered post at her parent's address which was received by her on 01.04.2015. She applied for condone ex-parte proceeding on 07.05.2015 and against that I have replied through my advocate on 20.06.2015 and next date is fixed for arguments on 22.07.2015. In the mean time, she also lodged two complaints against me under section 107/150 and another one under 498a. For under section 107/150 Callahan was presented in the Court SDM (U) and for section 498a, the police had called for me and I went to Police Station and tell all the story of her to the IO. The SHO also knows about her conduct and her partner. Please explain whether I go for anticipatory bail or not and what about my case. Is it will be in my favour or not as she will resist for divorce. My both children are living with me. Can I file the case for maintainace of children as she is earning more Rs. 2.00 lac per month and also have two mini trucks. I would like to tell you that I have some whatsapp messages which were sent her partner like i love u and want to marry with him etc. I had also spent a lot of money in her business and also paid cash to purchase trucks. I want to know that whether my daughter is entitled to claim some share/ royalty as she is paying some amount to her partner against my invested money.