Getting Divorce from husband

I have married seven years ago and i have 5 yr old daughter.My husband assaults me physically mentally right from start of initial years i tried to save or relation but he still continues to increase the assault in past two years. As a result i m depression patient in last stage and in between i tried committing suicide many times but one of my friend has saved me and he counselled me well enough and i found a new life with me and my friend both share a very strong emotional bond and we are in love since two years.we want to marry. But my husband played a trick and he said that he will kill him if i go with my fined further.and he gave his consent to one of his friend on legal paper(Making my signature on those papers at his own) that i should marry his friend and he did all this marraige without my notice through police a result i m married with my husband's friend without my consent and if i opened my mouth against this he will kill my friend whom i want to marry. so now i am trapped by my husband's friend who has married me secretly with help of my husband.but i want to marry my friend.what should i do now please help me?