Salary withhold

I am working in a private hospital as a branch manager, looking after over all branch operations, my company has given on ATM card for the branch expenses , which I gave to the accountant , the card is loaded on my request and the payment made by the accountant, he himself with draw money and disburse as per the requirement. recently when our head office audit persons done the audit , it was found that there is miss utilisation of money approximately 7 lakhs, then we have been called to our head office for enquiry, the accountant has agreed for the miss utilisation and written a statement that he only sole responsible for the miss utilisation and will pay back the said amount with in months time, but later on after 20 day he sent a letter to the HR saying that he did all these as per his immediate superiors guidance. he was suspended on the day he wrote the statement and my salary was kept in hold since last two and half month , I asked my HR through a mail for my salary, then they sent a letter stating that the funds has been missuitlized by me and that the reason salary kept in hold, and this issue has been handed over to the legal department . Please guide on this whether I will get my salary or not, or will I have get effect of any legal complications Regrds