Car parking dispute in street

I am residing in Colony of South West Delhi. I am parking my car in front of my house. In front of house there is a multi storey (4 storey) building used for residential purpose. Ground floor of the building (nearly 200 yards) is used by them for their parking. We living in front of that building but we have our (75 yards) own plot with 2 floors not having specific parking area. So I parking my car in front of my house. My car is occupying 30-40% of street and normally there is no problem while movement of other vehicles. But one of our neighbor lady especially making objection about parking of my car in front of my house with plea that she has problem while entering parking area of her building. Every time she returning back to her home, requesting us to get away our car from its position to make it easy for her entering to parking area. We are co-operative, but sometime since no body available at home to drive away my car so she is behaving rudely like we are making an offence. She did not bothering to make way for herself by driving my car to a proper place even we agree to handover key to her . Moreover as and when her weekly water tanker coming in street, she forced us to get away our car from its place to make way. Although all know, the Water tanker can itself make way without moving our car, but she insists that we have to move our car. One more point, if I move my car to other place to make way for tanker before leaving for my office, my car remain stays at a place where other neighbouring people of strees starts complaining because their moments restricts. So its become very difficult for me at that time to please every one. It is pertinent that only lady has problem about my car parking and it is clear that if I move my car sometime at any other location of street, it creates problem to other neighbor. The Building resident people making comments at my home about my car parking. When I am not at home, listening such comments to my family members hurts me. I am very co-operative, but situation making me to retaliate to their behavior, so before aurguing to their point, I want to know law position in above situation. If matter goes at Police station, who is standing where from angle of law, that is my question?