Risk of false domestic violence case

My wife left our house last year October, then She taken back all the Streedhan and given a written consent regarding a peaceful discussion of our divorce settlement in a mutual consent. All of a sudden this September her lawyer sent a legal notice full of shit claims with a threatening of sue me and my family in criminal and civil proceedings. In this month they again sent a notice asking for discussion regarding mutual consent divorce. After that I have tried to contact with my wife several times. But it seems like She has changed her contact number. Though my lawyer is supporting me, even have a chat with her lawyer, but I can’t trust them as they have broken their promise each single time even I have ample evidence of their promise. Wives lawyer has been informed by my lawyer that I failed to contact with her, and let her tell the terms and conditions for the divorce. Now they are silent again for last 12 days. I am sinking in mental trauma. Taking counseling. Kindly let me know the further consequences.🙏