Husband Asking Divorce

I have been married only for 4 months my husband doesn't have mutual understanding he still take doubt on me for my past which i have already told him but still he does that we had fight because he was not ready to close the bedroom door in night so we had fight in anger i walked out from his car in middle of road then he left my bag at my moms house and then i asked for my clothes he said i was not allowed at his home he will give my clothes when my family member will go to his house to collect in between he was only blaming on me so in frustration and hopelessness i tried to end my life now he is saying he wants a divorce because of that i told him i dont want divorce and i m ready to what wver he want like visiting physiatrist and couple counseling everything but bow he is saying if we want to continue our marriage we have to stay separately and have to bear all expenses such as deposit rent utility bills groceries everything which is not possible for me at the moment so he is saying stay at you parents place till you save up the money what can i do pls gelp