Mental harassment and financial torture by Wife and In-laws

I got married in dec 2019 with a girl of same caste (arranged marriage) and within 2 months of time, my in laws came to our place and started living with us. My parents are staying in other city and after the marriage i was supposed to stay only with my family but got some extra company including Mother in law and Brother in law. After their arrival at our place, my wife started losing interest in me, in our marriage life. She stopped talking, they created 2 groups within same house (1 of them 3 and 1 of just me). They all started eating and cooking together, didn't share food with me. I tried to discuss with my wife a lot many times so that we can try and resolve any issues, but she was never interested and even her mother didn't allow her to talk with me and suggested her to not respond to any of my questions. Looking all this for over 3 months time, i finally decided to ask my in laws to leave from our place and let us stay together happily. But once i said this, my wife and her family they packed their bags and left the house. Since then i have tried number of times to contact her and to figure out what is the next step, should we sit and discuss the issues, but she has blocked me from everywhere and all social media as well. But i never get any response from her and only once she replied to my email saying - She will need time. Now i am not sure what time is she looking for and how long this time will be. Can anyone please suggest me how do i handle this situation considering the fact that i am not getting response and dec 2020 will mark 1 year for my marriage. From my side , my parents tried to contact her and even her mother about what needs to be done next, but nobody from our side got any response yet. Any kind of advice or suggestion will be really helpful