Harassing and threatening by misusing 498 and DV law

My case -- my family arranged an engagement with local munciple corporator daughter in 2012 without caring my wishes. so the engagement happen then i was allow to speak to the girl, after speaking i came to know she is very dominating and their family members want me to be "ghar damad" my family didn't object but i did and broke the engagement. later they started threatening me and my family for marriage forcefully or they will drag me into court and ruin my life.my mom got heart attack and she convinced me to agree on their condition, due to that circumstances i said ok but kept a condition that now it will be just roka or an engagement kind of ceremony not marriage just to escape from this situation.but after this i was trying to understand the girl, then also she filed a complain that she finds my behavior suspicious and charged a case on me of fraud behavior and breaking a promise. she said she will marry me and her father is supporting her financially. i m not that rich , nobody is helping me its been 1 and half year i m still struggling with this case and their threats. i don't understand why the judge is not giving judgement , its invalid case . i didn't want to be in this my family is not supporting they are afraid of the girls father political power. is the judge is not bound to finish this type of case asap? is there is no one to help me ? no law exist in this country for common man? only everyone ask for money. please advice i dont want to go jail.