My Ex girlfriends husband is threatening me because my x and I was in relationship.

My x girlfriend and I was working in the same company and she proposed me in march 2020, she came twice on my flat once when we wanted to go somewhere and we clicked one pic in room but we haven't had anything our cook was also there , second time when we came from bike ride and she was not feeling well and wanted some rest so this time she slept for an hour I had my dinner meanwhile and I dropped her at her place. Once we had went to movie and we kissed on hand and chick of each other. and then there was lockdown I never met her from march 22nd 2020, but we had whatsapp chat and exchanged of eachothers pic some where nude, also we had sexchat, but in july due to her family issue she said she is marrying another guy I asked her atleast talk with parents she refused, I went into depression, After she married, her husband saw our pic and chat and now he is threatning me and abusing me as well as her, he is saying he will destroy my life though i had never contacted her after her marriage. I am scared what if he left her and she suicide then will it come on me also he is constantly calling me and saying tell me what all things happened between you guys, I will never let you come here, leave your job . Please help me what to do, If my parents come to know about this they will die by heartattack. I am so scared.