Sale deed validity without mention of Dimensions of the property

Looking to buy an agriculture property 8 guntas. The current owner has shared the sale deed document with me. He got the property transferred in his name in 2019. Within the sale deed; schedule of Property page mentions East, west, north and south. However there is mention of the land diagram and no dimensions of the said land. In saying this: I visited the land and the merits that I see are: • Barb wire fencing from all 4 sides. • Digital passbook showing previous owners name for 8 guntas (the current owner did not get the property mutated into his name yet. • Checked the property on ILRMS and do see the Parcel info shows the old owners name as mutation has not been completed. I am planning to check with neighbours if they have a dispute in the said land. My doubts, Questions are: Will I have issues in the future if a property does not have the dimensions mentioned in the sale deed, clearly this is an example of a property where it does not. When I plan to do the registry in my name; can I include the dimensions when getting the property transferred into my name, thanks.