My family facing harassments by my cousin brother and his wife:-

We all live in a joint family whose share has been given to everyone by equal grandmother But in spite of that, my cousin and his wife forcefully collect part in place of others. He use to speaks abusing language after drinking every evening. His wife speaks shit or nonsense things about my grandmother who is almost up to 70 . My mother who is already suffering from many dieses like liver infection thyroid high blood pressure and had big heart operation facing torture by them. She cant able to speak anything because she scared from them that she has only one son do not let these people harm him. Even she speaks rubbish things about me and my husband. I visited to my mother place to just take care of her because she was not well but they take advantage of this and start fighting with me and my grandmother because we were stopping them to don't paint on our kitchen wall. My grandmother is landlady and lives with us but she is not feeling well because of their daily fights and abusing's language now i dont understand what to do because they use to call gunda party on us that why we are scared because alreday faced this situation before